You’ve thought about it and are ready to take that next step. You’re ready to buy a house! You’ve started looking on sites like Zillow and Realtor and have seen a few houses that have given you that tingly, “this could be mine,” feeling. It’s an exciting feeling. But, once you find a house you want to see up close and personal, what’s the next step? 

This is where finding a real estate agent to protect your rights and interests come into play. Don’t go it alone, hiring a buyer’s agent to help you on your home-buying journey will protect you and help you secure a great deal, along with peace-of-mind that you did the right thing. Not yet convinced, here are 7 reasons why you should hire a Buyer’s agent to help you buy a home. 

ONE A Buyer'S Agent IS Free

Hiring a Buyer’s agent will not cost you a dime. It’s a FREE service for the buyer since an agent’s commission is paid by the seller. 


The bottom-line about hiring a Real Estate agent is experience and knowledge base. Real Estate agents do this for a living. They look at houses, they tour houses, they’ve run into problems along the way that they’ve had to deal with. They’ve learned to spot issues before those issues arise. This is what you’re hiring them for. The agent’s experience. Their knowledge.  

You might know a lot of things about houses, this might be your fifth purchase, but your agent will have done this on numerous occasions. They know a red flag when they see it. They are by your side to identify those issues and inform you about them. Once these issues are identified, this can help you either move on to another option, or be included in your negotiations. 



Buying a home is not an act that is only between the buyer and the seller. There are a lot of third-party service providers that are needed to assist you in the home-buying process. There are a lot of VITAL professionals that you’ll need along the way that are very important in the long-run. An experienced Buyer’s Agent will help you lock down those individuals that can help you along the way, they have experience with them and the services they provide, they know that these companies and individuals are bonafide. 

They can help you find a lender, or an inspector, law firms, and even contractors. When choosing an agent a good question to ask is who they recommend  to provide you with these services and why. 


FOUR negotiations

The house you want has a list price over what is within your budget. If you make an offer at your max budget do you think they will accept it? What happens if they reject it? What happens if they counter-offer but you can’t go any higher? Is it even an acceptable offer? If you have a Buyer’s Agent they can coach you through this process and work with the Seller or Seller’s Agent to negotiate the deal. They’ll know when a house is over-priced, or priced to sell. They will let you know if you can make an offer under the list price, or if it might be recommended that you offer what they have listed the home at. Helping you negotiate is one of the most important reasons for securing a Buyer’s Agent.  



A real estate contract isn’t something you want to just download from the internet and modify it, hoping for the best. Having a rock-solid offer in place is vital when starting the process of buying a house. Several things can happen that would make the offer void if done improperly or if a section is missed. It could lead to a seller rejecting the contract if they feel it is not properly executed, or if they feel the buyer is not serious. Your Buyer’s Agent will know how to craft a real estate contract and walk you through the details.


The real estate market is a changing and constantly evolving place. It also differs from state to state and even zip code to zip code. A Buyer’s Agent will know the details of the market you are looking to buy within. A Buyer’s Agent should be able to tell you what houses are overpriced, or what neighborhoods should have what you are looking for in a house. Knowing the market could make all the difference in the negotiation processes and help you avoid a costly mistake – like buying a house that was way overpriced. 

SEVEN They work for you

Your Buyer’s agent works for you, they are there to look after your interest, to work within your budget, and to find you a house that fits your needs. A good Buyer’s agent will not only open the doors to the houses you are interested in but also provide you with options that you might not have even known were in your scope. They’ll offer advice, walk you through the step-by-step process of the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, and be there to offer their experience and knowledge when you need it. An agent isn’t a salesman, they are a guide to help you get into the home you’ve been dreaming of. They work for you. And a good agent isn’t only there to help you buy the house, they’ll be there even after the papers are signed, as a guide and as a friend. Or at least that is what the agents at GNO Realty pride themselves in. We’re here for our clients. That’s what we consider a Level Up from the competition.

BY: Rachel Rivera

BY: Rachel Rivera

Realtor | Marketing Specialist

Rachel is a Real Estate Agent with GNO Realty, LLC, specializing in residential and short-term rental investments. Rachel has over twenty years experience in marketing and ten years experience in social media marketing and content delivery. << email Rachel >>

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