When selling your home during the holidays, you might feel that you have to keep your home as “blank slate” as possible. But, if you are living in your home while selling, this can become harder to do during the holiday season. Your children expect a tree, you have lots of presents ready and wrapped, and of course, you might just want to be in the holiday spirit. You can decorate your home and still impress buyers, in fact, a well-done theme and display could actually attract buyers by showcasing it’s hominess. 

TIP #1 GET INSPIRED : : : : :

Left: “As Is” Martha Stewart 5′ Flocked Natural Shape Christmas Tree at QVC vs. Right: Hinged Full Fir 7.5′ PinkArtificial Christmas Tree at Wayfair. While the pink tree could be charming for some the artificial nature of the pink tree detracts from the surroundings and forces the eye to the tree and not the surroundings. It is not an enhancement piece, it is a focal point. You want the buyer to see the room not the tree.

Enhance don’t detract. Keep in mind that your display might be another’s tacky nightmare. Smaller displayed that stick with more natural designs and colors are recommended. Choose nature vs. cartoon and design that represents the natural world as opposed to a fantasy land. Search Pinterest for great decorating tips and tricks. There are some lovely inspiration posts that focus on minimal and natural design. 

TIP #2 less is more : : : : :

Left: Christmas Garland, Wedding Garland, Boxwood Garland, Fresh Garland, Natural Mantle, Mantel, Wedding Decor, Real Greenery, Live Holiday Decor from  vs. Right: Merry Christmas Banner – Vintage Xmas Decorations Indoor for Home Office Party Fireplace Mantle from 

Don’t cover up. When decorating your home with a focus on accentuating your home instead of coving up your home, look at your home’s features and think about what you can place within or on those features to highlight them as opposed to cover them. Hang a lovely mistletoe from an arched entryway, highlight your mantle with a garland. Keep clutter to a minimum. There should not be a waterfall of gifts under your tree, place “extra” gifts in closets. Keep the Christmas village or Nativity scene that takes up the entire bay window in storage this year. 

TIP #3 Declutter : : : : :

Left: This display showcases the home’s feature, especially the balcony, drawing the eye up. vs. Right: This festive display hides most of the house features. 

Display your home not your decorations. You’ll want to do this no matter what season you list your home. Clutter detracts from the home, displaying your “stuff” instead of the home. Clutter makes rooms look smaller and covers up the selling features of your home. They are buying your home and not your stuff so the home should be on display and not the decorations. This also applies to your outside decorations. When decorating your outdoor living, focusing on highlighting the architectural features and not covering them up with large displays. Just say no to inflateables.  

Always keep in mind a few things when decorating for the holidays:

  • Does the decoration you are adding match the other decor in your home? 
  • Stick to similar colors when adding holiday decor, reds are exciting and a good color to add to your decorations unless it clashes with other permanent colors in your home. 
  •  If questioning if something looks appropriate it doesn’t hurt to reach out and ask for help. Ask your realtor or a friend that has good design tastes. Remember it’s not about style it’s about commercial appeal and being able to see your home underneath the decor. 
BY: Rachel Rivera

BY: Rachel Rivera

Realtor | Marketing Specialist

Rachel is a Real Estate Agent with GNO Realty, LLC, specializing in residential and short-term rental investments. Rachel has over twenty years experience in marketing and ten years experience in social media marketing and content delivery. << email Rachel >>

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